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Is It Worth Pursuing a BCA Degree In Today’s Time?

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Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a three-year graduate degree program for individuals who desire to learn computer languages and work for software companies. For students who are unable to pursue a four-year B-Tech graduate degree program in the computer science branch, the BCA course from a well-reputed BCA college in Dehradun is the ideal option. After obtaining a BCA, it is natural to pursue further education by pursuing an MCA or to work in the IT sector or similar industries.

With the phenomenal growth of India’s IT industry, the need for computer specialists is increasing by the day. This rapid expansion of the IT sector has offered several chances for computer graduates both in India and overseas.

When you have earned your BCA degree from a top BCA college in Dehradun, you will be able to easily find work in a reputable public or private sector company.

Most businesses now require software programmers and engineers, software developers, troubleshooters, network designers, system analysts, game creators and testers, and webmasters, among other things. You’ll have no trouble finding a job as a software developer or programmer in a private company with a good beginning wage.

Understanding Course and Career Possibilities

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a well-liked course of study among students who want to pursue careers in information technology (IT).

It includes topics like databases, networking, data structures, and fundamental programming languages like “C” and “Java.” Students who are interested in computers and want to work in the IT business as a programmer or software developers have various options with this degree.

After finishing their BCA degree, students are entitled to pursue master’s degree programs such as M.Sc (Computer Science) or MCA (Master’s in Computer Application) at prestigious institutions.

Individuals who are interested can also enroll in hardware or networking courses, such as (CCNA- Cisco Certified Course in Networking, MSCE- Microsoft Certified Course in Software, or Certificate course in Networking from JET-King ). If not, students can start working for software companies as software testers, software engineers, software developers, systems analysts, and in a variety of other IT-related industries.

Job Prospects

After finishing the BCA degree, students can begin as a Junior Programmer or a Software Tester and work their way up to the position of Senior Programmer. The Indian IT industry is flourishing, and even throughout the global recession, the Indian landscape remained reasonably steady.

While the BCA provides students with a good foundation in technological theory, you’re more likely to find your competitive edge by finishing your MCA. The Indian IT industry is relatively solid, and upon completing their degree program from one of the leading BCA institutions in Dehradun, BCA students may apply for jobs in software firms such as Infosys, TCS, Google, Tech-Mahendra, WIPRO, IBM, Microsoft, and others firms.

To work in the public sector, you must first pass a qualifying test. When you are hired, you will be given a monthly salary of at least 25,000 INR, as well as various benefits and emoluments. Every time you get a promotion or a “pay commission” suggests raising basic salaries, your compensation will be adjusted higher.

When you are hired as a trainee in an organization, you will be given a stipend of at least Rs. 10,000 per month. After completing the program, you will be paid between 25,000 and 32,000 INR.

Job Opportunities Following a BCA Course

Some of the career opportunities or sectors for computer application graduates are Banks, BPO, Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing, Government Departments, Financial Institutions, Multimedia companies, Faculty in training institutes and schools, Software development, Systems Maintenance, Security and Surveillance, Software Programming, Game Design, Testing and Development Mainframe, Website Design and Graphics design.


The demand for IT experts is growing rapidly not only in India but also in foreign countries. Given the demands of today’s employers, it is always recommended that if you are pursuing a BCA degree program, you seek out the best BCA college in Dehradun, such as Sai Group of Institutions, which provides ample opportunities to advance your career, remain competitive, and earn well, with all modern facilities available for advanced job-oriented learning.

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