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Best Paramedical & Allied Sciences College in India
Sai Institute faculty Dr.-V.-D

Dr. V. D. Sharma

Dean Academics

– Ph.D. (Microbiology) USA

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Dr. Sandhya Dogra

Dr. Sandhya Dogra

Principal & HOD

– M. Phil., Ph.D. (Bio Sciences)

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Sai Institute faculty Dr.-Manish-Kumar-Jha

Dr. Manish Kumar Jha

HOD Physiotherapy

– M.P.T. (Neuro)

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Sai Institute faculty

Mr. Subodh Burakoti

HOD Management

– MBA (Marketing)

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Sai Institute faculty

Mr. Vikas Mishra

Assistant Prof. Bio Chemistry

– M.Sc. Biotech

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Mrs. Shruti Agrawal

Assistant Prof. Microbiology

– M.Sc. Micro, GATE, NET

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Sai Institute faculty Dr.-K.L

Dr. K.L. Sindhwani

Professor Chemistry

– Ph.D.(Chemistry)

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Sai Institute faculty

Mrs. Priyanka Joshi

Assistant Prof. Computer Science

M.Tech (CSE), MCA

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Sai Institute faculty Mr.-S.-S

Mr. S. S. Tiwari

Assistant Prof. Hospital Admin

M.phil management science

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sai institute faculty Dr.-Indu-Bansal

Dr. Indu Bansal

Professor Zoology

Ph.D. Zoology

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Dr. Sandhya DograPh.D. (Bio Science) 1991Principal & HOD Microbiology
Dr. V.D. SharmaPh.D. (1974)Dean Academics
Ms. Shruti AgrawalM.Sc. Microbiology, GATE, NETAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Ms. Preeti BhattM.Sc. Biochemistry, BMLTAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Ms. Megha MishraM.Sc. MicrobiologyAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Ms. Asha PalM.Sc. MicrobiologyAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Ms. Deepika JalalM.Sc. Medical microbiologyAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Vidya ChauhanM.Sc. MicrobiologyAssistant Professor  MLT / Microbiology
Dr. K.L. SindhwaniPh.D. ChemistryProfessor Chemistry
Ms. Poonam KumariM.Sc. ChemistryAssistant Professor Chemistry
Ms. Nupur KukreteeM.Sc. ChemistryAssistant Professor Chemistry
Dr. Shivani Pathak SharmaPh.D. ChemistryAssistant Professor Chemistry
Dr. Indu BansalPh.D. ZoologyProfessor Zoology
Dr. Aaradhna ChauhanPh.D. BotanyAssistant Professor Botany
Dr. GEETA RHAUTANGPh.D. ZoologyProfessor Zoology
Mr. Vikas MishraM.Sc. BiotechAssistant Professor Biotech
Ms. Komal ChaurasiaM.Tech. BiotechnologyAssistant Professor Biotech
Mr. Brijesh LekhakM.Sc. Biochemistry, NETAssistant Professor Bio Chem
Ms. Jyoti Juyal PantM.Sc. BiochemistryAssistant Professor Bio Chem
Ms. Asha NegiM.Sc. Pharmaceutical ChemistryAssistant Professor Pharma Chem
Mr. Subodh BurakotiMBA, MA (Economics)HOD, Management
Ms. Sakshi AnandMBA (Finance), LLBAssistant Professor Management
Ms. Bindiya GargMBAAssistant Professor Management
Ms. Megha OberaiMBAAssistant Professor Management
Ms. Preeti SardanaMBAAssistant Professor Management
Ms. Diksha UniyalMBAAssistant Professor Management
Mrs. Shipra DamirMBA (Hospital Administration), MBA (Pharmaceutical Mang), B.Pharma, B.Ed.Assistant Professor Hospital Admin
Mr. Shiv Sankar TiwariMHA, M.phil (Management Science)Assistant Professor Hospital Admin
Ms. Ishani DebnathMHAAssistant Professor Hospital Admin
Mr. GopalMHAAssistant Professor Hospital Admin
Dr. Jitendra SinhaMA (Mass Comm), D.PhilHOD, Mass Comm
Mr. Tohish BhattMA (Mass Comm)Assistant Professor Mass Comm
Ms. Deepika RawatMA (Mass Comm)Assistant Professor Mass Comm
Ms Ritika DimriMA (English) B.Ed. Dip. In Mass CommAssistant Professor Mass Comm
Ms. Priyanka JoshiMCA, M.Tech. (CSE)Assistant Professor Computer Science
Ms. Sikha DubeyMCAAssistant Professor Computer Science
Ms. Shivani ChauhanMCAAssistant Professor Computer Science
Dr. Manish JhaMPT (Neuro)HOD Physiotherapy
Dr. Jitendra ShriwasMPT (ortho)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. Anju KumariMPT (neuro)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. Prachi SethMPT (Neuro)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. Manmeet KaurMPT (cardio)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. UMASHANKARPh.D. (Pshycology)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. PritikaMPT (ortho)Assistant Professor Physiotherapy
Mr. Zibi SebastianB.Sc. NursingPrincipal Nursing
Ms. RoziB.Sc. NursingVice Principal Nursing
Ms. Priyanka MehtaB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Priyanka SharmaB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Anamika RegmiB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Alka RajwarB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Jyoti NiralaB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. PreityB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Sonali MewarB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Mr. Amit GeorgeB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Diksha ChauhanB.Sc. NursingTutor Nursing
Ms. Madhuri KandwalM.Sc. HorticultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Mr. Ankit BaloniM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Mr. Kaushal UpadhyayM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Ms. Sonal PundirM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Ms. Namita DabralM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Ms. Gumpi KabakM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Ms. Priyanka ChandM.Sc. AgricultureAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
Ms. Hemlata BhattM.Sc. ForestryAssistant Professor Agriculture Science
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