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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of SGI


Introduction to our privacy policy

We appreciate you checking out our privacy policies on the website of the Sai Group of Institutions. Our policy is simple and clear, we collect no personal information about you unless you want to submit it to us. No personal information about you is given, sold, transferred, or shared with any third parties. We understand that in the world of information technology, the security of personal information is becoming increasingly important.

Continue reading to learn more about how we gather anonymous data about your visit and how we handle any information you willingly provide.


Information security

  • Confidential files containing personal data

SGI recognises the importance of personal information confidentiality and security in the information realm. For any reason other than those inherent in its regular operations, the Institution does not divulge any personal data for commercial gain. By relevant laws, rules, and policies, we gather, utilise, keep, and disclose the information needed for the Institution’s academic, research, and administrative operations. These policies apply to every SGI member, including students, faculty, researchers, staff, third-party partners, and others with information access. Individuals’ personal information must only be used for the objectives for which it was gathered and must not be revealed by the institution.

  • Protection

While we take the necessary precautions to safeguard your personal information, we cannot guarantee total security because there is no way to completely secure data being communicated over the internet. We are not liable for any data loss or theft.

  • Links to other domains

The Institution may link to sites outside its network, but it is not in charge of such websites’ content or privacy practices. The Institution is not in charge of any third-party links that you may follow, thus it cannot be held liable for the information on them or their privacy practices. Individuals are responsible for reviewing the privacy policies of such websites. 

  • Details are gathered through interactive forms

We include interactive forms on a few of our web pages so that you can voluntarily enter personal data (such as your e-mail address, name, or organization). This happens when you download admission forms from SGI, register for online counselling, or take any of the examinations, quizzes, seminars, workshops, or training sessions we offer. In certain circumstances, the supplied information is utilised solely for those purposes and is not shared with any third parties.

  • Cookies

To enable an interactive website, use on some SGI web pages, “cookies” are used. Cookies are small files that a website sends to the hard drive of your computer. Its main function is to remember you while you are connected to the website.

Only your browser’s “session” is collected by the cookies, not any information about you. You can use the dynamic elements of these websites more easily with the help of the cookie because you won’t need to re-enter the same information every time you switch between pages.

Make sure to completely shut down your browser after interacting with a website that uses cookies to preserve your privacy. You can modify your browser settings if you are concerned about privacy.


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