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A Glimpse into the Faculty: Experts at the Best Nursing College in Dehradun

Nursing College in Dehradun

At the center of every single successful educational institution are dedicated and proficient teachers who play a crucial part in forming the fate of students.
Owing to this ideology, Sai Group of Institutions which is often known as the best nursing college in Dehradun stands as a beacon of excellence because of its modern facilities and exceptional faculty who are focused on providing quality nursing training and supporting the upcoming age of medical services experts.

Now let us take a closer look at the esteemed faculty who make Sai Group of Institutions shine from the rest of the colleges in Dehradun.

Mr Zibi Sebastian – Principal

As the Principal of Nursing, Mr Zibi Sebastian brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the best nursing college in Dehradun.

Ms Rozi – Vice Principal

Ms Rozi, the VP of Nursing, is known for her dynamic way of dealing with nursing schooling. With an emphasis on innovation and scholastic development, she is devoted to furnishing understudies with a comprehensive growth opportunity that goes past the study hall.

Ms Priyanka Mehta – Tutor

Ms Priyanka Mehta brings a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to her teaching. Her supporting methodology to student improvement make her a dearest figure among the students.

Ms Priyanka Sharma – Tutor

Ms Priyanka Sharma’s devotion to bestowing nursing training and her capacity to interface with understudies make her a critical person on the nursing staff.

Ms Anamika Regmi – Tutor

With a firm belief in the transformative power of education, Ms Anamika Regmi endeavors to engage her understudies with the abilities and certainty needed to succeed in the medical care industry.

Ms Alka Rajwar – Tutor

Ms Alka Rajwar’s devotion to the nursing profession radiates through her role as a tutor. Her patient-driven approach and accentuation on compassionate care reverberate with understudies as they start their nursing journey.

Ms Jyoti Nirala – Tutor

Ms Jyoti Nirala carries a profundity of clinical expertise and her commitment to nursing along with her ability to tutor understudies make her a vital part of the faculty.

Ms Preity – Tutor

Ms Preity’s lively teaching style and her genuine interest in her understudies’ growth establish a positive learning atmosphere. Not only this but as a tutor, she motivates her understudies to push their limits and achieve excellence.

Ms Sonali Mewar – Tutor

In her role as a tutor, Ms Sonali Mewar is known for her devotion to research and persistent learning. Her energy for sharing the most recent headways in nursing science with her understudies cultivates a space for learning and exploration.

Mr Amit George – Tutor

Mr Amit George’s dedication to empowering definitive abilities to think and his accentuation on clinical reasoning make him an expert instructor.

Ms Diksha Chauhan – Tutor

Ms Diksha Chauhan’s well-established enthusiasm for nursing and her sustaining way of teaching makes her a cherished figure among understudies. As a tutor, she imparts to her understudies the significance of sympathy and patient-focused care.

The teachers at Sai Group of Institutions – the best nursing college in Dehradun go above and beyond their roles to establish an environment that supports learning, cultivates development and prepares future medical services experts to have a significant effect in the field.

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