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Different Jobs Profiles in the Agriculture Sector

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India is predominantly an agricultural country, with agriculture still employing the bulk of the population. Additionally, there is a resurgence of interest in agriculture among the younger generation. Students are pursuing agriculture studies at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels, as well as working at various job profiles in the agriculture sector to improve agriculture.

Agriculture degrees are available from a number of prestigious institutions and universities. One such institution is the Sai Group of Institutions in Dehradun. This institution is often regarded as the best agriculture college in Dehradun.

As previously indicated, agricultural degree holders might operate in a variety of positions. On that note, the top job profiles in the agriculture sector are listed below:
Agriculture Engineer:

Agricultural engineering is a field that blends engineering ideas with agricultural operations. The field integrates all engineering disciplines including Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical, along with the desire to improve agricultural processes and equipment.

An agricultural engineer would normally work in a variety of fields such as aquaculture, farming, forestry, and others. The agriculture engineer designs and tests all new types of machinery and equipment. The engineer is also in charge of educating farmers on the new procedures and equipment. The typical remuneration for this position is INR 4-5 LPA.

Jobs in the Private Sector:

While agriculture is mostly the responsibility of the Central Government, there are many private-sector occupations as well. Agriculture equipment, machinery, seeds, and other products are manufactured by corporations.

Graduates with a relevant degree are needed in various professions such as Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Production. Additionally, a person with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture might work in education. Teaching undergraduate-level agriculture students at private institutes is a realistic option. The average salary for teachers ranges from INR 3-5 LPA.

Jobs in the Public Sector:

Farming and agriculture in India are mostly managed by the government. As a result, there are many agriculture occupations in the public sector. Every year, government ministries specialized in farming and agriculture employ workers for various job titles.

These positions may include both on-field and administrative responsibilities. In most cases, a national-level admission exam is required, followed by a personal interview round.

Available job openings are listed on major job boards, and individuals can apply online depending on the qualifying requirements and admission process.

Bank Positions:

Agriculture and finance are inextricably linked, not only for farmers and agriculturists but also for those with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Many opportunities are available in financial institutions that are expressly geared to satisfy the financial requirements of farmers, such as NABARD.

Even big public and commercial banks have farm divisions that hire persons with a degree in agriculture. Probationary Officer, Revenue Division Officer, Agricultural Assistant, Rural Development Officer, Agricultural Associate, and other job descriptions fall under this group. The typical pay is INR 4-6 LPA.

Civil Services Jobs:

Agriculture graduates can also apply for a variety of government positions. Candidates must pass examinations before proceeding to the interview rounds.

The UPSC, Indian Forest Services Exam, IBPS SO Exam, State Forest Exam, and UGC NET are among the most popular examinations. All of the examinations’ qualifying requirements and syllabuses are different.

Following the successful completion of all rounds, one can serve as a Deputy Forest Inspector, Assistant Inspector, Agriculture Field Officer in various departments, Scientific Assistant, Technical Officer, Manager, and so on.

Agricultural Food Scientist:

An Agricultural Food Scientist is one of the best job profiles in the agriculture sector. An agricultural food scientist conducts research and experiments to improve agricultural practices that are currently in use. Their job also includes animal farming. They research soils, seeds, and other agricultural products to determine the best method to process, package, and transport them.

Their findings are summarized in a report and distributed to the whole agricultural community. Following that, the findings are validated with additional testing. Food Scientists work to increase the nutritional content of food while also making it safe to ingest. In India, this position pays about INR 2-3 LPA.

Agriculture Manager:

An Agricultural Manager is in charge of crop production, which includes crop planting, growth, and harvesting. The job is done in connection to the state of the soil, animals, weather, and market circumstances, among other things.

An agriculture manager would also help with sales, oversee the budget, and purchase farming machines and equipment. The manager is also in charge of hiring and supervising farmhands. In summary, the Agricultural Manager oversees all agricultural tasks from start to end. This position pays an average of INR 4-5 LPA.


These are some of the top job profiles in the agriculture sector that one may wish to pursue after completing his or her B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Agriculture from a well-known institute.

Sai Group of Institutions, the leading and the best agriculture college in Dehradun, provides world-class facilities, cutting-edge laboratories, professional academicians, and an exceptional academic environment in which students may polish their abilities and expertise.

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