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Msc Agriculture

MSc Agriculture Course focuses on topics such as Plant Biology, Plantation management, Agricultural machinery, Biochemistry, Marketing and Management aspects of Agriculture sector etc. In short, it uses concepts of science and biology to improve agricultural productivity. MSc agriculture course in Dehradun also focuses on managerial aspects related to this sector. Some topics in M.Sc. program are same as in the B.Sc. Program, but the study material is more advanced and detailed.

Lots of Government as well as Private job opportunities are present in front of MSc agriculture Graduates. Talking about Government jobs, State Agriculture Departments recruits Graduates to fill up Officer level posts. Government Colleges also hires M.Sc. folks to work as Lecturers. Government Banks also hires them to fill up Officer level posts .


BSc  & MSc agriculture course in Dehradun at Sai helps students acquire agricultural techniques and hone skills preparing them to take on real world situations in the agricultural sector. Both bachelors and masters in agriculture course cover various topics like Soil Science, Agrometeorology, Agronomy, Seed Technology, Plant Breeding, Plant Biochemistry etc. 

We at Sai Group of Institutions believe in providing hands-on experiences and  focus on training students through the Rural Agricultural Work Experience i.e. RAWE . This enables students like you to be industry experts when you graduate! The program blends comprehensive classroom instruction and a significant level of theoretical and practical understanding of the subject through use of SGI’s international standard farm laboratory.

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    Sai offers 100% placement assistance for its graduate.
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    Sai has over 150 full time faculty with doctorate or masters.
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    Generous merit based
    scholarships are available for students.
    Sri Dev Suman University
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    You will get extensive practical training and spend much of your time in our international standard computer labs during your degree.
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    Our campus is located in the heart of Dehradun & is equipped with international standard labs, training facilities, sporting grounds and hostels.
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    Our alumni can today be found across the globe and hold prestigious ranks at some of the top multinationals & hospitals.
    Two Years



Agriculture Science Course:

Governmental, non-governmental organisations interested in preservation of fores resources Corporates having own plantations for timbering Industries that utilize forest resources employ industrial and agricultural consultants Indian Council Of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) and its affiliated Forestry
research institutes such as Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, Institute of Social Forestry and Eco rehabilitation, Allahabad etc.Wildlife Research Institutes in Dehra Dun, Coimbatore etc. Zoological Parks
Wildlife Ranges Education sector as tutors

Agricultural Science Career

As the consciousness among the people for conservation of forest is growing, so also the career opportunities available to Forestry graduates are also increasing. MSc agriculture Forestry graduates can take up jobs in various government departments like department of forest and wildlife. They can be employment in NGOs working in conservation and up gradation of forests. Corporate houses involved in timber plantations also need the services of Forestry graduates. They also can take up research work in public sector research institutions like Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), Institute of Social Forestry and Eco-rehabilitation and Wildlife Research Institutes. They also can be employed in Botanical and Zoological parts, Wildlife sanctuaries and National parks. They also can take up teaching jobs in many universities offering Forestry as a subject. Other career options available to Forestry graduates are still photography, film making and wildlife journalism. There may also be opportunities in television channels like Discovery and Natural Geographic. Further Forestry graduates can run their own private consultancy in environmental impact assessment of large projects. Organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Centre for Environment Education, Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) and consultancy firms like Ernst and Young and KPMG hire a number of Forest and Wildlife graduates.

Agricultural Science Jobs

Job opportunities exist in Private and Public Sector Organizations, Forest based Industries, Research and Consultancy Industries, Development Organizations, NGO’s, etc. People can also join Indian forest services for which an All India Entrance Examination is conducted by UPSC. Agriculture is a field of science involved in cultivating soil, producing crops and to some extent raising livestock. Bachelor of Agriculture is an Undergraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in the field of Agriculture. The bachelor degree course of Agriculture is known as B.Sc. Ag. or B.Sc. (Agri) which is an abbreviated form of Bachelor of Agricultural Science. Before 1998, B.Sc. Ag. degree was known as B.Sc. Ag. & AH (AH= Animal Husbandry) but soon it was designated as B.Sc. Ag. and the ‘AH’ part was transferred to B.VSc. (Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences),
which is now designated as B.VSc. & AH. However, some Institutes may have retained BSc. Ag. in Animal husbandry and nutrition. The duration of B.Sc. Agr. is 4 years divided into a number of semesters, which are mostly 8 in number. B.Sc. Agriculture course syllabus covers a variety of topics related to design and production of agricultural machinery, planning, design and construction of farm buildings and
associated equipment, irrigation, drainage, land resource planning and service engineering for farm machinery. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is the apex body for coordinating,guiding and managing research and education in Agriculture including Horticulture,
Fisheries and Animal Sciences in India. ICAR, New Delhi, conducts All India Entrance Exam to fill 15% seats in all Agriculture Universities all over India.

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