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Master in Hospital Administration

Hospital Administrators are individuals or groups of people who act as the central point of control within hospitals. These individuals may be previous or current clinicians, or individuals with other backgrounds. There are two types of administrators, generalists and specialists. Generalists are individuals who are responsible for managing or helping to manage an entire facility. Specialists are individuals who are responsible for the efficient operations of a specific department such as policy analysis, finance, accounting, budgeting, human resources, or marketing.

There are a variety of different professional associations related to health systems management, which can be subcategorized as either personal or institutional membership groups. Personal membership groups are joined by individuals, and typically have individual skills and career development as their focus.

2 yearsGraduation in any discipline with min 50% marksSri Dev Suman University

Master in Hospital Administration
Hospital Administration Scope :

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in our country in the present scenario. New hospital
projects are coming across the country and several existing ones are expanding their services. Several
corporate houses are also venturing into hospital industry. Complexities in the running of the Hospital
management have made it one of the challenging and sought after course.
A graduate in Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) has job opportunities in varied fields apart from
the healthcare sector alone. Large numbers of consultancy groupsrecruit MHA graduates for their
consultancy work. Graduates specialized in MHA get into health insurance organizations and third
party administrators’ (TPA) organizations. With the government focused on making health more
affordable and trying to reduce out-of-pocket payment to a large extent, multiple health insurance
companies and TPA’s have opened up and reaching out to the population.
Many of the IT firms also recruit students qualified in the MHA for their hospital information system
projects. Today several state governments and corporate hospital bodies prefer to appoint graduates in
Hospital Administration for running of the hospitals even at the district level setting.
Rising competition among various healthcare groups, more demanding patients, legal hurdles, medical
tourism, and consumerism in health care has made the profession of hospital administration highly
The course helps the students in understanding healthcare delivery system in developing & developed
world. It also promotes research and training in the field of hospital administration.

Why Study Hospital Administration?

Healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing industries in India today. Advances in the field of science
and technology have given rise to an era of specialization. In the healthcare industry, these
specializations have paved the way for creation of multiple specialty and sub-specialty departments to
enhance the level of care delivery. Managing these departments with advanced facilities and modalities of
treatment have taken a backseat primarily due to lack of attention and expertise. Towards this end there
is a need to have professionally trained and competent personnel in the field of hospital administration
who can ensure quality, optimization and better productivity in the delivery of healthcare services.

MHA Hospital

Master of Hospital Administration programme addresses the professional managerial skills required
for leadershiproles in the hospital sector through training in planning, operational management and
project management ofhospitals. The programme lays special emphasis on financial management,
costing, systems development andinformation resource management.
The programme gives weightage to both theoretical and hands-on learning. While classroom learning
through participation in discussions, case studies, presentations, and the like emphasize
conceptual clarity, practicalinputs are provided through the rigorous internships. These complement
classroom learning, throwing light on the practical dimension of the profession. The insights that emerge
out of such an experience make students conceptually strong and successful in practice of the profession.
Students of the Master of Hospital Administration programme find jobs in managing a variety of
specialised services in hospitals — both in the private and government sectors. Their job
sketches include managing various departments of large hospitals as well as planning and designing new
services and new hospitals. In the past, students have found employment in leading corporate,
government and trust-run hospitals all over the country. Apart from hospitals the students also take up
varied roles in consultancy firms, healthcare IT, retail healthcare and health insurance sector.

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