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Career Opportunities After Graduating from the Best Horticulture College in Dehradun

best horticulture college in Dehradun

Horticulture is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the cultivation of various agro items such as flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, shrubs, bushes, gardens and landscaping for gardens, ornamental trees, maintaining nurseries, greenhouses, orchards, and plantations, and floriculture, or flower cultivation.

Horticulture is a broad term that encompasses all aspects of plant cultivation, from seed research to scientific research on plant diseases and genetics. It is all about using scientific knowledge to plant cultivation in order to boost productivity and yield. This area of study employs many principles from Biochemistry, Biology, and Genetic Engineering to achieve the stated aim of increased production.

Scope of Horticulture

Horticulture’s scope and business are expanding on a daily basis. Floriculture is a subset of horticulture and involves the cultivation of flowering plants for use as raw material in the pharmaceutical industry to make fragrances and cosmetics. Vegetable cultivation is a critical component of horticulture, which is in high demand in India.

After completing a horticulture course from the best horticulture college in Dehradun, there are several career options accessible such as horticulturist, floriculturist, pomologist, and so on. One might also become a scientist in this sector through research study. Jobs in production and sales, public gardens, marketing, research and development, pest control, landscape design, agricultural engineering, and other fields are available to horticulture graduates.

Top 5 Career Options for Horticulture Students

Horticulture courses open up a world of opportunities for any nature enthusiast looking for a profession. Some of the top career options for horticulture students include

Production and Sales

Many horticulture graduates go on to become entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers. They own or manage orchards, flower or plant stores, vegetable farms, greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers, landscaping services, and food processing companies.


Horticulture researchers are looking for strategies to increase the output and quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and decorative plants. They also create strategies for storing, processing and marketing these crops. Research specialties include plant breeding, nourishment for plants, growth control for plants, and other exciting plant-related fields.

Landscape Design

Landscape designers develop gardens using a variety of plant materials and hardscapes. Understanding which plants to employ to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance, as well as having significant expertise in soil science and plant physiology to know which plants are appropriate to the conditions present on a certain site, are all talents that are constantly in demand.

Pest Management

Pest control entails collaborating with state and federal regulatory bodies, agricultural suppliers, processing firms, major farm groups, and agricultural agents to keep plants healthy and growing.

Instructional Practices

Horticulture teachers introduce students of all ages to the world of plant cultivation and offer fresh ideas. India needs skilled horticulture teachers in high schools, technical schools, and universities.

Qualifications Needed for Admissions at the Best Horticulture College in Dehradun

The duration of a horticulture course in India varies depending on the particular curriculum. Entrance into this discipline begins at the undergraduate level. However, one may choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the best horticulture college in Dehradun as a distinct discipline after completing 10+2 in the Science stream with Chemistry, Physics, and Math/Biology/Agriculture as the subjects.

Some colleges/universities hold their own entrance exams for admission, while others use the ICAR AIEEA, which is administered by NTA.


Due to the recent developments in science and technology, the horticulture sector has grown phenomenally. Several colleges worldwide now offer comprehensive horticulture courses ranging from bachelor’s to master degrees. Although undergraduate programs provide a good conceptual basis, attending a master’s degree is required to be successful in the field.

So, if you are interested in pursuing a horticulture course from the best horticulture college in Dehradun and are worried about the admissions requirements feel free to contact our experts at Sai Group of Institutions!

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