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Career Alternatives Besides Engineering and Medical

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Every teenager on the verge of the 12th grade has faced this quandary: Engineering or Medical?

During the transition from school to college and choosing a job, Indian culture monitors teenagers’ intellectual development through the prism of the stream in which they enroll, dismissing alternative career possibilities as either unnecessary or unsuitable. The assumption that has been followed for ages is that the most popular stream, Science, is for intellectual students and has a huge amount of potential. Commerce has minimal potential and is for people who struggle with math, while Arts has been given the false moniker of being the least favored and the least popular stream.

It has become ingrained in people’s perceptions that the only professional prospects with good salaries come from the engineering and medical fields. However, this incorrect belief is gradually losing its hold, particularly with the advent of digital spaces and platforms, which has given rise to an entire sector with multiple positions to provide for its efficiency. Though Engineering and Medicine are huge industries with various professional programs, several other programs such as Management programs, Media programs, Business programs, and Agriculture programs have got promising career paths too.

Management: BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration), a three-year undergraduate curriculum that focuses on business administration, planning, strategy, and instilling entrepreneurship abilities, among other things, is a viable career option. BBA graduates can further their education by enrolling in a two-year MBA program.
Sai Group of Institutions, the best college in Dehradun, provides students with a variety of specialties as well as excellent employment prospects with leading MNCs.

Media: B.A. Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on the study of how individuals and organizations communicate information to large portions of the public at the same time via mass media.
The Sai Media College is one of the best media colleges in Dehradun, which offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree program in mass communication. Our curriculum provides exposure to the broad framework of mass communication, focusing on what is basic and essential to advertising, digital media, electronic media, journalism, and public relations.

Business: The B. Com curriculum assists you in developing critical and integrative thinking abilities, with an emphasis on strategic problem-solving. These fundamental talents help you succeed in work. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and human resources, preparing you to be a global leader in today’s complicated and interconnected world.
The Sai Business College is a private, industry-oriented, and the best B. Com college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The institution provides nine bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, ranging from a bachelor’s degree in commerce to a master’s degree in health administration.

Agriculture: B.Sc. Agriculture is a four-year undergraduate program that teaches students about agronomy, animal husbandry, biotechnology, soil sciences, plant breeding, horticulture, and other topics, giving students a diverse variety of job options. B.Sc. Agriculture graduates can further their education by enrolling in a two-year post-graduate program in Agriculture.
Sai Group of Institutions is a recognized institute in North India and the best agriculture college in Dehradun that ensures students’ overall development. Furthermore, its wealthy entrepreneurial aid pushes its pupils to create their own company strategies.

Now that you have a broad range of professional options to choose from, don’t limit yourself to the few prospects that Engineering and the Medical domain provide; instead, enroll in these opportune programs from a prestigious educational institute like Sai Group of Institutions to upskill yourself and secure solid placement opportunities through our excellent campus placement drives.

As the best college in Dehradun, Sai Group of Institutions offers 100% placement assistance to all of its students and has alumni working all over the world. Further, the institution also provides a stimulating atmosphere in which you may analyze your personal and professional identities while interacting with classmates, alumni, industry professionals, and faculty members.

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