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Department of Biochemistry

Aim of Biochemistry

• To impart knowledge about composition, structure and functions of different biomolecules.
• To learn to break biological systems into their working components and modify the activities of living cells.
• To equip students with current technical know-how of various analytical techniques.
• To prepare students for higher education and advanced research.

Scope of Biochemistry

The scope of biochemistry extends over a wide range of interests, dealing for example with the detailed chemistry and physics of biological molecules and the way in which they interact with one another to maintain the living state of all living beings. Biochemists are able to dissect biological systems into their working components and to apply their knowledge and skills to modify the activities of living cells. As a result of this basic nature of the subject, biochemists have a choice of an extraordinarily wide range of careers. Biochemists can play an important role in various research labs, pharmaceutical organizations i.e. in Q.C., R&D sector etc. and in various fields needing clinical research skills.

Job Prospectus & Career Options

As research and development (R&D) scientist in different industries like biological, pharmaceuticals and immunodiagnostics.
Assignment in forensic and diagnostic laboratories and in different food, beverage and agro industries.
As researchers in various national institute like CSIR, ICMR, ICAR etc.
Teaching and research position in academic institutions.

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