Mass communication is "the procedure by which a man, gathering of individuals, or expansive association makes a message and transmits it through some kind of medium to a vast, unknown, heterogeneous audience." This suggests the group of onlookers of mass correspondence are for the most part comprised of various societies, conduct and conviction frameworks. Mass correspondence is consistently connected with media impact or media impacts, and media thinks about. Mass correspondence is a branch of sociology that falls under the bigger umbrella of correspondence investigations of correspondence

The historical backdrop of correspondence extends from ancient types of craftsmanship and composing through cutting edge specialized strategies, for example, the Internet. Mass correspondence started when people could transmit messages from a solitary source to various recipients. Mass correspondence has moved from speculations, for example, the hypodermic needle model (or enchantment slug hypothesis) through more present day speculations, for example, PC interceded correspondence.

Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduate degree in any stream or an equivalent degree